How does it work

You may encounter a situation where you unexpectedly need additional funds at any time. There are a host of reasons why you may face unforeseen expenses, ranging from the need to buy a new door lock to being presented with a fine. The MAZILLA online loan service can help you overcome these difficulties. It will take you only 10 minutes to fill out an application for your maximum qualifying amount with a repayment term of up to one year. 
Our service operates around the clock, so you can take advantage of it at any time. We are not interested in how you will spend the borrowed funds. The borrower has the right to spend them as he sees fit. In addition, we are an equal-opportunity lender. We offer the same interest rates to borrowers regardless of their level of education, credit history or monthly earnings.

How do I use the service?
1. You are filling out an application for a loan
2. We send the application to our partners
3. You receive the money in whatever way is convenient to you

Conditions for registration
Age 18+
Bank card
Mobile phone
Vietnam citizenship 

We want to notify you of the funds transfer